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Description of the cross-country ski trails in Grainet

Indeed, the so-called "Green Roof of Europe" (the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest) doesn't promise a shelter against the weather, but then again it isn't supposed to as the snow and the sunshine provide premium conditions for winter sports in the community of Grainet. Numerous cross-country ski trails lead through the Graineter cirque around the Haidel. A total of 29 kilometers of cross-country ski trails offer enjoyment for cross country skiers. The "Haidel" cross-country ski trail is connected to the "Bayerwald" cross-country ski trail and to the transborder system of cross-country ski trails of Haidmühle.
The starting point of this circuit, leading through the enchanting and beautiful winterly forest, is situated in Obergrainet. The cross-country ski trails located around the Haidel (1167 meters) are the highest situated ones (960 - 1150 meters AMSL) and the ones with the best snow conditions in the Bavarian Forest. The course alternates between slight ascents, flat terrain and slight descents. After about 2,5 kilometers you reach the "Kreuzfichte" (spruce), a massive giant tree. A short, steep ascent leads to a forking after about 600 meters. Beginners should take the short, flat circuit running around the foot of the Haidel. Those who pick the longer route reach the  ascent to the Haidel after about 3 kilometers. A detour to the viewing tower enables a panoramic view to Bohemia, to the Alps and to the mountains of the Bavarian Forest across the rattling forest. By following a draw-out descent, you get back to Obergrainet.

loipen-grainetThe "Haidel" cross-country ski trails are connected to the systems of cross-country ski trails of Haidmühle, Altreichenau, and Herzogsreut and to the "Bayerwald" cross-country ski trail. Generally, cross-country skiing can be delightfully practiced from the middle of December to the end of March. Chargeable parking areas are sufficiently available. Approach only with winter driving equipment.

Cross-country ski trail 1 – Obergrainet - Kreuzfichte 960 - 1040 meters AMSL
Length: 7 kilometers
Marking: blue
Character of the course: low difficulty, 90 m altitude difference
Course: in the forest

Cross-country ski trail  2 – Obergrainet – Haidel 960 – 1150 meters AMSL
Length: 10 kilometers
Marking: red
Character of the course: medium difficulty, 190 m altitude difference
Course: in the forest

Cross-country ski trail 3
– Graineter cirque 600 – 690 meters AMSL
Length: 10,5 kilometers
Marking: red
Character of the course: medium difficulty, 90 m altitude difference
Course: open country

Connecting cross-country ski trail 4

To Duschlberg - Altreichenau
Length of connecting route: 1,8 kilometers
Character of the course: medium difficulty, forest
Connecting cross-country ski trail 5 – Bischofsreuter cross-country ski trail
To Bischofsreut - Length: 11 kilometers
Character of the course: high difficulty, forest

Connecting cross-country ski trail 6
To Herzogsreut – Hinterschmiding
Length of connecting route: 3,5 kilometers, high difficulty, forest

Cross-country in-line skating trail
From the parking area in Obergrainet a parallel in-line skating trail leads to the "Kreuzfichte" and across the connecting cross-country in-line skating trail Duschlberg to the cross-country in-line skating trail to Duschlberg. Length: 4 kilometers.


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