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Nordic Walking in Grainet                  Nordic Walking Grainet

Nordic walking - no longer just a "trendy" sport, but appreciated for its positive impact on body and soul: muscles and ligaments are being invigorated, the cardiovascular and the immune system are being strengthened, the tidal volume is being expanded and also the nervous system and the endocrine system are being affected positively. And the best thing about it is, that you are able to see a lot of the beautiful cultural landscape of Grainet and inhale lots of our fresh air.

"Golddorf- Trail"   >> Karte - jpg-Datei

The trail starts near the mass sports facility and after having crossed the "Glas" stream it leads westward through the "Golddörfer" (gold villages) Unterseilberg and Rehberg. Near the wooden chapel it leads into the "Graineter" street. After about 500 meters the path bends off to the right and leads to the "Ohl" mill. Here, you reach the district road. After around 270 meters the walker reaches the "Grabl" chapel where he turns left and walks towards Weidenau. At the first estate, the path bends off to the left again and crosses the "Hammer" stream afterwards. After reaching the "Graineter" street the trail runs leftwards, about 300 meters further down the path it runs rightwards and after crossing the "Graineter" hill you get back to the starting point.

Travel distance 9,7 km · altitude difference 120 m · medium difficulty.

"Forthaus-Falkenau-Trail"   >> Karte - jpg-Datei

The parking area, situated at the mass sports facility in Grainet, is the starting point of the "Forsthaus-Falkenau-Trail". The trail leads westward across the "Glas" stream and to the communication road connecting Unterseilberg and Rehberg. Here, you turn left and after about 500 meters you turn left again. Henceforth, the path leads towards Fürholz-Weidenau. By crossing the Golden Trail you get to Grainet. From here, you return to the starting point.

Travel distance: 6,6 km · altitude difference 90 m · low difficulty.

                        Nordic Walking Grainet            Nordic  Walking Grainet