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Welcome to the Community of Grainet - Hiking Region Border Triangle-
Bavarian Forest

The longing for quiet valleys, rustling forests and the experience of the beauty of nature is slumbering in every person. Hiking is just one of many possibilities to satisfy these kinds of wishes in the community of Grainet.

Enjoy the pure nature of this manifold recreational area and make use of the varied sports facilities and opportunities for hiking.

Discover one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes by following the 183 km of marked hiking trails and sate your hunger for originality, rest and nature. Savor the breathtaking landscape of the "Graineter Kessel" (cirque of Grainet) with all of its elevations and seek out the region's most romantic spots.
Here, everybody finds what he is looking for. The diversified offer ranges from relaxing strolls to extensive day trips and the cross-border hikes are an extraordinary experience. The new quality hiking trail "Golden Trail" also leads through the community of Grainet...

From the "Haidel" mountain (1167 meters) and the viewing tower with a height of 35 meters installed on its mountain top you can enjoy the most terrific view. Everyone, who once stood atop of the viewing tower in the gleaming sunlight, the colorful forest and an endless sea of fog with the glistening snow fields of the Alps rising from it in the distance stretching out below, will drink in and never forget this sight.

Wandern Grainet   Wandern Grainet   Wandern Grainet


We would like to make hiking palatable to you and therefore offer:

Themed Hiking Trail "Glass":

It leads you to five locations of former glassworks on two routes (2 x 11 kilometers)

Themed Hiking Trail "Chapels":

Numerous chapels, wayside shrines and churches are waiting to be discovered by hikers interested in folklore on the circular route with a length of 20 kilometers.

Golden Trail:

The trail gives you the opportunity to follow the traces of the "Salzsäumer" (salt carriers); also possible as a cross-border hike and without baggage.

Moreover, Grainet offers 120 additional kilometers of marked hiking trails providing attractive viewpoints (viewing tower on top of the "Haidel" mountain) as well as inviting opportunities to stop and rest.

SCOUT-TOURS Bavarian Forest - Volker Hartwig, nature and landscape guide, Tel. 0049 175 - 2622773 offers marvelous hikes and field trips at various times based on different topics. Maps of trails and accompanying brochures are available at the tourist center.