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Winter Hiking Trails in the Community of Grainet

When the snow is scrunching under your feet at every step, when ice crystals are transforming the forest into a fairyland, when the snow-covered mountain forests are sparkling and the winter sun is bathing the landscape in its warm light, winterly hikes, optionally in snow shoes, become a perfect dream. Dear winter vacationer, visit the community of Grainet and experience these romantic moments during a walking-tour on one of our numerous hiking trails.

Wintersonne am Haidel

Winter Hiking Trails

On the newly created "Haidel" winter hiking trail you can hike from Grainet to the mountaintop of the "Haidel", where a viewing tower is installed, to enjoy one of the Bavarian Forest's most beautiful views.

Hiking Trail 3: Grainet- Hobelsberg, (opportunity to stop at a guest house) Length: 1,6 kilometers

Hiking Trail 5:
Hobelsberg-Hüttenwald-Obergrainet, Length 3,6 kilometers

Hiking trail 6:
Obergrainet-Haidel-Viewing Tower, Leopoldsreut Length 3,7 kilometers

Winter Hiking Trails cleared and Partially Rolled

Hiking Trail 1: Grainet-Unterseilberg-Rehberg-Grainet, Length 7,7 kilometers

Hiking Trail 2:
Grainet-Fürholz (opportunity to stop at a guest house), Length 2 kilometers

Hiking Trail 4:
Fürholz-Kurzsäge- Hobelsberg (opportunity to stop at a guest house)- Length 2,7 km

Hiking Trail 7:
Fürholz-Vorderfreundorf, Length 2,2 kilometers

Hiking Trail 8:
Kronwinkel-Exenbach-Hintereben (opportunity to stop at a guest house) Length: 4 kilometers

Winter Hiking Trails: Big Paper (pdf-Datei)

Winterwandern-Obergrainet . Bildsaeule in Oberseilberg bei Schnee .