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The Golden Trail

The Golden Trail, a profitable medieval trade route, leads directly through the village Bischofsreut. Once, it led from Passau via Waldkirchen, Fürholz, Grainet, Leopoldsreut, Bischofsreut, Marchhäuser and Volary / Wallern to Prachatice / Prachatitz. The trail is a high route. In 1010, it was mentioned in a document for the first time. Later, two additional trails branched off the old main line. One led via Herzogsreut-Philippsreut to Vimperk /Winterberg, the other one via Mauth to Kasperske Hory / Bergreichenstein.

Around 1500, it was the traffic's heyday. Weekly, 1300 pack horses passed Prachatice / Prachatizt. Every pack horse carried a load of three centners. The journey from Passau to Prachatice / Prachatitz took about three days. The main article of trade was salt, which was carried to Bohemia. The return freight consisted mainly of cereal, beer and fish. Before and during the Thirty Years War, traffic plummeted. Many a "Säumer" fell victim to the thriving brigandage. Only the caravans protected by mercenaries were able to deliver their goods safely. Towards the end of the war, the farmers from Leopoldsreut were commanded to maintain bridges and paths up to the border so that one might "trade and promenate". Furthermore, the town got a toll station. The farmers put their horses at the disposal of the "Säumer" (carriers). In 1692, the emperor Leopold I. commanded  that one vat of the Bavarian salt had to be burdened with a high custom of 1 florin and 49 kreutzers. Several years later, the import of the Bavarian salt was prohibited in favour of the Austrian salt and the Prachatitzer salt deposit was transfered to Cesky Krumlov / Krummnau.

In the following years, the trail became desolate and for more than 100 years it has been used only rarely. Since ca. 1990, a procession of "Säumer" walks from Grainet to Prachatice / Prachatitz every other year to retain the memory of this tradition. Moreover, the trail was restored and marked in collaboration with the Czech Republic.

The clearly recognizable "Säumergräben" upside the church of Leopoldsreut, the "Säumer" bridge in Marchhäuser and the findings of rusted horseshoes remind us of the Golden Trail even today.