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The Viewing Tower on the Haidel near Grainet

alter Aussichtsturm Haidel GrainetUtterly determining the landscape's character, the Haidel (1.167 meters) rises up above the surrounding smaller "Waldbuckel" (small hills) in the lower Bavarian Forest. Since the new viewing tower is peering down from the top of the Haidel, the number of those who climb onto its "head" is increasing.

The History of the Viewing Tower in Few Words:
The First Building

When a violent storm razed the forest on the top of the Haidel to the ground and laid open the mountain top area in 1925, the magnificent view this mountain has to offer in all directions became apparent for the first time. In 1928, the viewing tower with a height of 15 meters was inaugurated.

The Second Tower

However, a long lifetime wasn't granted to this first tower as it fell victim to a storm and had to be removed in 1948. In 1979, a new tower with a height of 25 meters was built. But in 1998, the main columns had already become so rotten that this tower also had to be demolished completely.

The Third Attempt

One year later - that is in 1999 - a new tower was built. On the 27th of June in 1999 the tower received its consecration: 35 meters high, 70 cubic meters of built in wood, 159 steps, 50 tonnes, support columns made out of weather-resistant Douglas firs from Passau's forest district. It was a joint effort of the "ARGE Dreiländereck". The view reaches far into Bohemian realms, down into the Mühlviertel and out to the Danube plain. When, in the fall, warm foehn winds blaze their trail over the Alps and the air is fresh and clear, that's when the Alpine chain forms the horizon. An informative panorama board illustrates all the surrounding towns, mountains and hills, whether near or farther away. From the adjacent communities to the Haidel, hiking trails radiate through wonderful landscapes and also the new quality hiking trail "Goldsteig" leads directly past the Haidel viewing tower. The new mountain top area, equipped with an info pavilion and suites, gives the visitors the oppotunity to provide themselves with extensive information about the adjoining communities and also to just relax.

Technical Data of the New Haidel Viewing Tower

35,16 meters high, 159 steps lead to the observation deck installed at a height of 30,33 meters. 50 tonnes, 70 solid cubic meters of pressure impregnated Douglas fir and larch wood.

Aussichtsturm, Haidel, Grainet Aussichtsturm, Haidel, 
GrainetHaidel, Aussichtsturm, Grainet