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Sister City Prachatitz

Prachatitz GrainetWhen the iron curtain fell in 1989, nobody had sensed the positive development of the cooperative teamwork with the Czech Republic, especially with Prachatice, yet. However, in 1991, the first Bavarian-Bohemian "Säumerfest" has already taken place. Three years later, the citizens of Prachatice also celebrated their festival of the Golden Trail in cooperation with Grainet.

Owing to the cooperation on a cultural basis between the community of Grainet and the city of Prachatice the time was ripe for a partnership agreement. Thanks to the financial support of the "Eurogio", which promotes cross-border projects, the plan could be put into action.

IWappen Prachatitzn the context of the Bavarian-Bohemian "Säumerfest" the agreement was signed in 1996. On this occasion, the former mayor Josef Grabmeier pointed out in his opening speech: "Without a political arrangement it wouldn't have been possible to celebrate collective festivals and to document our solidarity in this way. The purpose of the partnership agreement is, in addition to the cooperation in culture and sports, to support the established solidarity, to preserve the cultural heritage and to contribute to the European idea. This alliance, formed by many personal friendships, is extended continuously up to today and enriches the cultural and the sporting life on both sides. 

Prachatitz Nachbarstädte

Allow us now to briefly introduce to you our sister city:

The district capital Prachatice, inhabited by about 12000 citizens, is situated 50 kilometers off Grainet on 560 meters AMSL on the edge of the Bohemian Forest. The listed city was founded in the 14th century. It owes its foundation to the prospering salt trade on the Golden Trail, of which it was the endpoint. Thereby, it acquired a good reputation and became rich. Under the rule of the Rosenberger, the city had its heyday in the 16th century. The impressing Renaissance style buildings and the sgraffito, characterizing the cityscape up to today, testify the former wealth.

The old and the new town hall, the "Rumpal", "Heydl" and "Bozkovsky" houses as well as the "Sitter" house, which is a museum nowadays, the Saint Jacob church, the city wall with its bastions and the "Piseker" gate are particularly worth seeing. Furthermore, we recommend the permanent exhibition on the subject of the Golden Trail, the toy museum and the work of the artist Hayek.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful cities of Southern Bohemia! 

PrachatitzSt.-Jakobs-Kirche Prachatitz Grainet