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Boundless Cycling with the Family on the „Adalbert-Stifter" Cycle Track in the Region of the "Haidel" Mountain

Indulge yourself in an active and creative vacation themed "Cycling with All Your Senses". Experience literally undiscovered beauty by the wayside, feel the wind, the light and the sun on your skin and immerse yourself in the thousand scents of the forests, meadows and fields. 

          Radfahren Adalbert-Stifter-Radweg, Grainet

Adalbert-Stifter Cycle Track

The cross-border "Adalbert-Stifter" cycle track is perfect for everyone who wants to explore the landscape by bike without much effort. The track's name points to a specialty: Adalbert Stifter, the famous son of the Bohemian Forest, has always been a border crosser between Bohemia, Austria and Bavaria. Hence, you are also able to follow a route connected to the track, which leads to the Bohemian Forest. This cycle track is notably family-friendly owing to two facts: For one thing, it is completely free of traffic and secondly, it is built on a former railway line which is why the track doesn't ascent steeply. You can cycle to Haidmühle and start a three-country-cycling tour from there or you can go from Neureichennau via Jandelsbrunn to Waldkirchen.

Three-Country-Cycle Track  >> Karte - jpg-Datei

partially a section of the "Adalbert-Stifter" cycle track (from Grainet to Haidmühle)

Start: The border crossing in Haidmühle - uphill - right fork (not leftwards to "Stozec") - about 3 kilometers uphill until you cross a stream - the "ROSENAUER" memorial stone is located on the right a bit further down the track - You go leftwards alongside the "Schwarzenberger" flume though, past the canal gate and to Jeleni (possibly there is an opportunity to rest), about 500 meters downhill through the dispersed settlement until you find the flume to your right again, about 2 kilometers to the "ROSENAUER" chapel and past it (on the left side), around 4 kilometers alongside the canal, slightly uphill on the paved road on the right (on the right there is a kiosk with unknown business hours - usually closed), around 2 kilometers steeply uphill to the Czech-Austrian border crossing - straight on downhill or flat (after you have passed the border crossing the other forest roads branching off are all marked with a driving ban for cyclists) - ski lifts within sight, just ahead of the "youth center" to the right in a sharp angle and about 300 meters downhill, Careful! Loose gravel! Take the left fork and follow the ascent, which is 2 kilometers in length, towards Panoramic View / Schwarzenberg or the Bohemian Forest cycle track. You can approach Schwarzenberg by going downhill or you can go to Oberschwarzenberg. From there, you go downhill, pass the "Pendelin" parking area, cross a ford = creek crossing (also Austrian/German border crossing), go uphill a bit and then the track becomes relatively flat. Follow the "Grenz" street for about 800 meters, turn right into the "Alte-Ewigkeit" street, follow it for about 2,7 kilometers and turn right into the "Neue-Ewigkeit" street. After about 2 kilometers, a paved road branches off to the right and uphill  (Don't use this one!) and right behind it (about 2 minutes away) on the left side of the track you will find the "Klausgupf", a rock that can be used as a viewpoint. After about 2,6 kilometers you reach the dispersed settlement Frauenberg. Turn left at the phone booth, cross the "Staats" street after about 300 meters and follow the "Mirasatstraße", which runs downhill at first and then almost flat, back to Haidmühle. Since the 1st of January in 2008, the national border to the Czech Republic can be crossed by every citizen of the EU at all times of the day and at any place with a valid travel document.


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