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Haidel-Viewing Tower
Viewing tower with a heigt of 35 meters on top of the Haidel. (1167 mNN). Offers the most beautiful view in the southern Bavarian Forest.

Chapel in Schwendreut

Former chapel of the village Schwendreut baroque with onion-domed tower.
Built in 1755.

"Nikolaus" Church
Built in the Late Middle Ages it was dedicated to St Nicholas. Devastated by a fire in 1911, but always rebuilt. Renovated thoroughly in 1996.

Parish Church „Heilige Dreifaltigkeit"
(Holy Trinity)
Beautiful house of worship with baroque features.
Built in 1756.
Church in Leopoldsreut
Most elevated church in the bishopric Passau (1106m)
>> >> Current information about the festival in Leopoldsreut

Idyllically situated pilgrimage site (formerly known as Kohlenmailer), which came into being in the middle of the forest near a spring in 1753. It is a Marian place of pilgrimage, which is visited by several thousands of pilgrims each year on the 15th of August. The first chapel (1828) has been replaced by a stone building in 1896. In 1834, another chapel was built.

Glassworks Trail
historical glassworks hiking trail leading to 5 former locations of glassworks

Chapels of the Towns of Rehberg, Unterseilberg, Oberseilberg,
Fürholz, Exenbach, Kronwinkel and Vorderfreundorf
Every town possesses its own little chapel. All of these have been fondly renovated in recent times and are a feast for the eyes of every visitor.
Pater-Rupert Mayer-Chapel in Obergrainet
Built of used stones of old "Waldler" houses in 1988, at a heigt of almost 1000 meters; magnificent view from the chapel's location - on clear day as far as the Alps

Schwarzenberger Flum
In 1774, the forest engineer Josef Rosenauer presented a brilliant plan to his employer, the chieftain Schwarzenberg:  >>read more

National Park Bavarian Forest
The National Park Bavarian Forest was opened on the 7th of October in 1970 and is extending over an area of 24.250 hectare today. There you experience a unique fauna consisting of local and also foreign animals (lynx, brown bears, wolves)

Baumwipfelpfad in Neuschönau

Since 2009, the longest "Baumwipfelpfad" with a length of 1300 meters and a height from 8 up to 25 meters is located in the Bavarian Forest. A speciality is the tower with a height of 44 meters, which has been built above three high beeches and fir trees.

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